Increased Oral Hygiene Focus Can Help Maintain a Mouth With Braces

Braces are often the most effective method for correcting the alignment of your teeth. There are minor variations that can be applied to help address your misalignment issues. The one that is right for you will depend on the type of deviation in your dentition as well as your permanent preference. The process starts with… Read more »

Common Causes of Halitosis

As all of us struggle with bad breath or halitosis from time to time, being aware of the common causes listed below can help. Food Most people know that strong-smelling foods like onions, garlic and coffee can cause bad breath, but it may surprise you to know that diet sodas can also contribute. Sugary foods… Read more »

Helpful Options for Orthodontic Treatment

Braces have become extremely common to the point that just about everyone you know has received them while undergoing orthodontic treatment. The main function of braces is to correct crooked teeth, but they can also address other oral health issues, such as misaligned bites and structural issues. Did you know that when it comes to… Read more »

Revitalize Your Smile with Chewing Gum

Did you know that chewing gum has oral health care benefits? Did you know that it’s actually recommended in some situations to chew gum to help keep your smile safe? The truth is that chewing gum is actually a very beneficial oral health care tool to use in situations where your teeth are at a… Read more »

Dentistry Essentials 101: Dentures

If you seek a smile restoration, it is important to first visit with your dentist to determine what forms of dental damage have occurred. However, if you are missing any teeth, it is imperative that they are replaced immediately. Numerous treatments exist that can give you the aesthetic that you desire as well as a… Read more »

Dental Health Facts While Breastfeeding

Are you breastfeeding your little one? If so, there are dental health facts you should know so you can take good care of your child’s smile. The more you know, the better. So, our dentist, Dr. , is happy to expand your knowledge by sharing some dental health facts with you. Those are: -Breastfeeding can… Read more »

What is a Malocclusion?

What is a malocclusion? A malocclusion is a term for any misalignment of the teeth or jaw. Typical examples include overbites, underbites, crossbites and open bites. A malocclusion can happen in many ways. For some individuals, it is the effect of a small jaw and too many teeth. In ancient times, human jaws used to… Read more »

Zoom! Whitening Can Brighten Your Smile in a Flash

M. W. McConnell, DDS in Beavercreek, Ohio, is proud to offer Zoom! Whitening in-house whitening and take-home whitening treatments. Zoom! Whitening can brighten your smile in a flash. A Zoom! in-house treatment can make your smile is up to six shades whiter in only 45 minutes or less. This treatment has been professionally tested millions… Read more »

A Dental Bridge Can Be Used to Prevent Further Tooth Loss Complications

Tooth loss from dental trauma or an untreated cavity can do more than hamper your ability to chew and break food down before swallowing. The tooth’s location in your mouth could also alter the clarity of your speech and the appearance of your smile. Even if you manage to learn to live with the loss… Read more »

My Child Pretends to Brush. What Should I Do?

Sometimes children hate brushing their teeth so much that they actually pretend to brush to get out of it. This can cause severe damage to the teeth and gums, especially because it can quickly encourage tooth decay development. So, it’s important to make sure your child brushes their chompers every morning and every night. To… Read more »