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Braces have become extremely common to the point that just about everyone you know has received them while undergoing orthodontic treatment. The main function of braces is to correct crooked teeth, but they can also address other oral health issues, such as misaligned bites and structural issues. Did you know that when it comes to receiving braces, you have a variety of options, allowing you to customize your experience?

Because orthodontic care offers so many positive benefits, it has branched out to offer different kinds of braces to provide options for the unique needs of all patients who require tooth alignment treatment. Below are some options for braces:

Traditional Metal Braces
These are the braces that most patients think of and that you commonly see on the smiles of children. Not only are they the most common type of braces, but they are also one of the easiest to care for because they are designed to be durable and long-lasting. Traditional braces are recommended most often because they can correct a variety of bite problems.

Ceramic Braces
Nearly identical in appearance and function to metal braces, using the same style of brackets and wires, ceramic braces differ by offering a less obvious appearance for patients who prefer discreet treatment.

Clear Plastic Aligners
You may have heard of clear aligners such as Invisalign®, which are clear, removable trays of plastic that shift the teeth over time. Though not as powerful as other braces options, they are very discreet and convenient, and are a popular option for adults.

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