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Did you know that chewing gum has oral health care benefits? Did you know that it’s actually recommended in some situations to chew gum to help keep your smile safe? The truth is that chewing gum is actually a very beneficial oral health care tool to use in situations where your teeth are at a heightened risk for cavities.

Typically, after you eat, your teeth will be coated with debris and harmful acids. If not removed, these substances can slowly wear down your teeth. However, it is not wise to brush your teeth right after you eat, as it can cause dental abrasion. This is because toothbrushes tend to be abrasive, and your teeth are extra sensitive at this time. Alternatively, chewing gum can be used without the risk of abrasion.

The benefits from chewing gum are not in the product itself but rather the act of chewing. By constantly chewing after a meal, you can help produce additional saliva. Saliva is an extremely important substance for keeping your mouth clean. Not only will it wash away debris and food particles but it can also help neutralize these harmful acids in your mouth that are known for eating through your tooth enamel.

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