Root canal treatment is a form of endodontic therapy that may be recommended if a tooth is seriously damaged or infected in the dental pulp and tooth nerves. The tooth pulp and nerves are located inside the tooth, and they may become infected or injured if tooth decay or trauma reaches past the outer enamel layer of the tooth. During root canal treatment, our seasoned dentists will remove the infected dental pulp, tooth nerves, and other tissues from the tooth. They will carefully clean the tooth and shape the root canals, then fill the tooth with a medicated material. Finally, Dr. McConnell and Dr. Bui will cap the tooth with a dental crown or filling, which protects the tooth and returns it to its original structure. A root canal in Beavercreek, Ohio usually requires only one or two comfortable visits to our dental office.

Root canal treatment has many benefits. When an infected tooth is not properly treated, it can die and require removal. Through root canal treatment, we can save the tooth and prevent the need for extraction. Root canal treatment also prevents the infection from spreading to other healthy areas of the mouth. For more information on the advantages of root canal treatment, we welcome you to call or visit us soon. We look forward to caring for your smile!

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